28 February, 2012


I made this little shawl for a friend's birthday in January.
The pattern by Martina Behm is a nice and easy tv or public transportation knit. BTW, she named it "Hitchhiker" because if you knit up one 150 gr. skein of wollmeise yarn, you'll end up with 42 teeth on th shawl. Right, 42. And that's the answer to the question about the universe and everything. At least it is in Douglas Adams' book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".
Don't forget your towels! ;-)

26 February, 2012

A Day at the Beach

This was my first try in lace knitting and I think it came out great. The pattern is named after Holden Beach, North Carolina. It is a free pattern and works up quickly and really easy, ideal for beginner lace knitters like me.

I used wollmeise lace yarn, which I think is gorgeous. The colourway is "Ein klein wenig verrucht", a vibrant semisold purple. I planed this as a christmas gift and the receiver loved it! *phew*
Hope you like it aswell!

10 February, 2012

you may wonder...

what I made with my handspun verzasca yarn? 

Well, I mixed it with some brown mohair yarn...

....And made another shrug!
It's basically the same like my green spring shrug, but more fluffy and cosy. Unfortunately, it makes my shoulders look like.. I don't know.. like those of a wrestler..? It made them inexpressibly broad... *brrrrr* That's why I gave it to a friend. It fits her much better than me!

A Dream of Winter

As you may have noticed, I changed the design of my blog because I got rid of the old wood desing. Somehow it was too dark. We'll see how long I will be pleased with these lovely flowers...

Although I didn't bolg very much for the last months, I was quite active over on Ravelry. I just didn't feel like sewing and spinning during the last year and I still prefer knitting. At least for now, that may change again! ;-)

I recently finished this nice little Shawl an I love it! The colours remind me of the snow, ice and grey clouds we have here for two weeks now. I must admit, I kinda like winter.. I really do. As long as it's cold and has at least some snow.