23 June, 2011

green, green, greeeeeeeennnn....

I just realised that all my latest projects are green! hm, seems like I've got a crush on this colour recently. :-/ Ok, need to change colour for next projects!

Public Transportation Crochet

I had the pleasure to test this lovely pattern for Heather on ravelry. It was a nice little project that kept me busy while sitting in the bus on my daily trip to the city/university. It's fun and pretty easy and perfect to use some left yarn from other projects. Mine is worked in DROPS Cotton Viscose but you could take any yarn you have at hand as long as the gauge matches.
I didn't wear it yet because I usually don't wear such things arround my neck, but I'm thinking of using it in a different kind of way, maybe as a bag decoration or something... We'll see.
Find my ravelry project page here

Still alive and kickin' II

Hello my dear readers! Did you miss me? I was very quiet for quite a while now.. Life was so busy, I tell ya'! Mainly because of the end-semester-exams and other uni stuff. But also because of family and friends, real life stuff. ;-) BUT... I wasn't lazy at all and I'll show you some of my projects the next days, I promise!
I the meantime you can enjoy this picture I took on a botanical field trip end april/beginning mai. There were fields and fields of wild garlic blooming in the forest and they were so beautiful! Imagine a peaceful spring morning, birds singing in the trees, the sunlight falling down through the light green leaves and the smell... Oh yeah, the smell. I was overwhelming!